Professional software development services

20+ years in the industry

Extensive experience from technical roles such as Staff Developer, Lead Developer and Software Architect. In addition some experience from administrative roles such as Global Product Manager, Technical Project Manager and Team Manager.

  • developer
  • manager


  • Full Stack Development

    .NET backend combined with Angular frontend or MVC frontend. Well versed in migrations from .NET Framework to modern .NET versions. On-prem, cloud or hybrid systems.

  • Test automation

    Automation of tests with focus on E2E tests, implemented with SpecFlow/Selenium or Cypress.

  • DevOps

    Setting up and fine-tuning automation of development flows - build, test, package and deploy.

  • Software Security

    High security awareness. Validates both the code base, dependencies and utilized platforms. Keeping external threats at bay and secrets safe.

  • Embedded Software

    C/C++ software for devices with strict limitations on available hardware resources and real time requirements. Custom network stacks.

  • Public Speaker

    Speaker at multiple large Software Development conferences and local meetups.